5 Steps To Help Lead Generation Services Cleanse Their Data (Continued)

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Developing a process to keep their database free from dupes, errors and inconsistencies is imperative for top lead generation services providers like The Global Associates in order to function efficiently and effectively. Vendors offering top lead generation services are likely to face all sorts of problems if they are working with a flawed database. Cleansing your data regularly thus assumes great significance.

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5 Steps To Help Lead Generation Services Cleanse Their Data (Continued)

Following is a 5-step data cleansing process to help you maintain an error-free database.

  • Data prioritization

Prioritizing the data critical to your operations should be the first step in your data cleansing process. Identify fields unique to your industry to begin with, and then try formulating standard rules for cleansing your present database.

  • Analyzing data

After data prioritization is done, you should thoroughly analyze your priority data. This will help you find the missing links and data that has become obsolete. The analysis will also give you an idea about the data that needs to be collected to make your database complete.

  • Standardizing and automating the process

You must do manual cleansing once in a while, but it’s necessary to initiate standardization and automation to make the process more efficient. Creating workflows and running them in real time will help you achieve this objective.

  • Filling in missing data

Automation process will not be enough at times, you may fail to attend to some of the records. Manual intervention becomes necessary in this case. You must assign the responsibility of filling in the missing links from time to time to someone to make the database complete and error-free. However, it’s essential to verify the credibility of the source of this information to avoid incorrect information from creeping in.

  • Monitoring data periodically

Last but not the least, repeating the above four steps periodically is necessary to keep your data in good shape. Monitoring the complete database and also the individual units at regular intervals will ensure no major issues crop up all of a sudden. Keep track of every single unit to identify which unit might be causing a certain problem.

Top Lead generation services providers can make their database clean and error-free by following the above-mentioned data cleansing process. In this era of data explosion, every fresh cycle will help you make your database cleaner as you spot new/ old errors and remove them.




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