3 Components Of A Successful B2B Lead Generation Program

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B2B Lead Generation
3 Components Of A Successful B2B Lead Generation Program

Successfully running The Global Associates B2B lead generation program in the present business scenario is nothing less than climbing Mount Everest without oxygen; one needs to face countless challenges in order to generate quality leads in good numbers. Trouble is that most sales organizations try running their B2B lead generation programs without any understanding of the components that make these programs successful. Just like a machine, if one or more of these components malfunction, your effort will break down.

The essential components of lead generation program:

The signs which indicate that something is amiss in your effort may be:

· You are not creating enough leads;

· You are generating leads of inferior quality; and

· You are actually creating no leads at all!

In such a scenario, it becomes absolutely imperative that timely intervention be made to retrieve the situation. One must understand the basic components of B2B lead generation and try identifying the component that is not working well to achieve this objective. Let us take a look at these essential components.

· The human component- your sales representative:

Sales representative is the face of an organization; they are always the first to interact with the prospects. They are instrumental in making your lead generation program a great success or a miserable failure. It’s important that they sound natural, professional, knowledgeable and energetic. If they sound robotic or monotonous, dull or sleepy, overenthusiastic or animated, staged or as if reading from a script; they might make a poor impression on the prospect.

· Your target group- the contact list:

The success of your B2B lead generation program will depend a great deal on your intended target groups. It’s mighty important to include the right people in your contact list and get your information right as well. If you don’t get your contact list in order, many precious man-hours will be wasted calling the wrong people. Getting your contact list right is necessary before even picking up the phone.

· Doing your homework- a good script:

Last but not the least, you need a thoroughly researched script to run an effective lead generation effort. The script should be short, concise and to the point. One must be flexible with their approach but talking extempore is never a good idea. Having a script helps you include all the key points, refine your language and rehearse your dialogue delivery.

B2B lead generation is a tough nut to crack; it’s necessary to identify the weak links in your process and rectify the errors to run a successful program. Understanding the main components of lead generation certainly help you make your effort efficient and effective.




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